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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of consciousness with an inner focused attention on our thoughts and feelings. It is a natural state of being which everyone goes through at least twice a day naturally – when we awaken and are dozing happily in the morning, and just before drifting off to sleep at night are times we can all easily relate to. But we can be in and out of hypnosis many times during the day.

In fact, scientists are now telling us that we can be in the hypnosis state up to 85% of the day. This very slow brain wave called ‘Theta’. Delta is our deep sleep state. Then gradually awakening it is Theta, followed by Alpha, and then Beta, which is our fully conscious, awake state. Our brain waves are constantly changing throughout the day, and usually during the ‘theta-alpha state’ times we are moving about in a sort of ‘auto-pilot’ state.

How often have you sat in front of the TV (another theta-alpha state) and eaten your food without realizing it! Anytime when we are not consciously thinking about what we are doing we will be moving in and out of the theta-alpha brain range.

Another example is driving to work on a familiar road.  How often do we get into the car and find we arrive at our destination without thinking about the actual process of ‘driving’.  We didn’t have to think about removing the break, indicating, and all the other things we do when driving; we just did it automatically.   We’ve learnt what to do, so our subconscious just ensures we do it.  Our subconscious mind is just like an old-fashioned tape-recorder.  It records and plays back all the things we have learnt that we do by repetition.   We do so many things in our lives by repetition.  As a child, we are in the theta state from birth until about 5-7 years of age. This is nature’s way of giving a new human being as much information as possible in the quickest possible time, so they can live their lives with as much information as possible to reach adulthood.  You can just imagine how many things we need to learn to do.  And how many patterns and beliefs we take on board as well.  We are literally downloaded by everything and everyone around us, whether it’s helpful or not.   We subconsciously take on the belief patterns of everyone around us.  And if, for example, a parent or teacher tells us we are not good enough, we may then continue to live our lives with the belief ‘we are not good enough’.  Ever wondered why you think the way you do?  Well just look at the thinking of the people who were around you when you were a child!  It’s not their fault – in their turn, they learnt from their parents and family too.  Of course, this works both ways too, and as children, we learn many wonderful things as well.  However, if you are experiencing problems in life, then it is more than likely you are replaying an early belief pattern from childhood and not even realizing it.

Hypnosis, when used in the context of a therapeutic treatment is called hypnotherapy.  It is whilst relaxed and in this very slow brainwave that a competent clinical hypnotherapist can guide you to communicate with your subconscious mind using inner focus, visualization, and imagination techniques and tools.   In co-operation with you and your subconscious mind, many of these deeply rooted issues, or even newer issues, can be resolved whilst replacing them with new, helpful and beneficial ways of being.  Your subconscious mind wants you to be happy and healthy and will work with you when you tell it that those old patterns of behaviour are no longer wanted.

Hypnotherapy is a very safe, natural, pleasant, and drug-free method for resolving a wide range of issues.  (Please see Services page for more information).